What is and how do you use the Job Breakdown Sheet?

Use the Job Breakdown Sheet to breakdown the job into steps

What is this?

The Job Breakdown Sheet is used as part of the Job Instruction program to breakdown the job into the smaller steps that make it up.   By doing this, we make it easier to understand and learn each step at a time.  The form provides space to analyze each step (what you do) by explaining the key points (how you do it) and the reasons (why you do it that way).

Job Breakdown Sheet example

Let’s use one example to explain better how to use the sheet.  The process or operation that I will use as an example is how to cook a sunny-side egg.  

The top of the form contains the heading, which is general information. This information describes the process and what you need to do the job.  You will need to list all ingredients, materials, equipment, and tools need to cook two eggs.   

The breakdown section has the job steps, those that advance the work, change or transform the materials or ingredients, or adds value. Use action verbs or phrases to start the description of each step. For each one, add the corresponding Key Points and Reasons.

The Key Points explain how to do the steps along with critical information that will help to avoid injuries, ensure the quality of the product, or make the job easier. To add this information, use adjectives or adverbs. The section called Reason explains why the step exists. When you take time to explain to people why it is critical to do something, they understand the job better and are more inclined to follow the instruction. The Why section is meaningful because it is used to support safety, quality, delivery, or cost objectives.

Please, see below the breakdown example. You can use it as a reference to breakdown one of your jobs.

Job Breakdown Sheet for how to cook sunny-side eggs

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