Mission, Vision a​nd Values


Create lasting relationships with our clients by listening and addressing their needs, including the need of life-work balance.

Help small to medium size business owners to increase productivity and minimize operational costs using Continuous Improvement practices and tools.

We help business owners to strengthen and grow their businesses adding value through organization, standardization and daily small improvements.


Grow Better Process Solutions into a successful consulting firm specialized in improving customer satisfaction, organization, efficiency, and flow while controlling costs by reducing waste.  

BPS will use continuous improvement practices and tools to become the preferred source for finding simple and effective business improvement solutions.

Through our professional expertise in lean and problem solving, we guide and support our clients to strengthen their business and achieve their goals.


Respect – Treat people with respect, respect ideas, information, privacy and spaces

Integrity – always do what is right, use the resources efficiently, be honest

Drive – move forward, be better, practice continuous improvement

Excellence – quality in everything we do

Passion – for what we do

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