Better Process Solutions (BPS) provides simple and effective ways to optimize your business processes. We can transform them to be more efficient and effective using continuous improvement. BPS serves small to mid-size businesses of all types, from offices and retail to warehouses and manufacturing.

Our approach is simple, get to know you, listen to your concerns, motivations, and expectations and then work together to transform your business. Please see below a list of our services. If you don’t see what you need, please get in touch maybe we can help.

  • Business assessment to identify improvement opportunities and create a strategic plan for long-term improvements and business transformation.
  • Improve processes using Continuous improvement practices and tools. These tools are simple and low-cost solutions for everyday problems.
  • Increase the quality of service and reduce operating costs through organization, work standardization and flow optimization.
  • Productivity Improvement reducing waiting times, motion and decluttering spaces.
  • Time Management using standard work and visual management
  • Use of visual management for inventory management improvements.
  • Training such as problem solving, standard work, 5S and how to identify waste or non-value-added activities.

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