Getting organized at home


According to the site Days of the Year, January is the month to get organized.  Workplace organization is a recurrent subject for us in Better Process Solutions.  However, today I will focus on home organization. 

Home is where we go at the end of the day to wind down and recharge our batteries.  But we cannot accomplish that if the house is cluttered.  For instance, clutter is a significant source of stress in our lives.  

Why clutter affect us?  

Sherrie Bourg Carter wrote about why clutter causes stress in the Psychology Today blog.  In her article, she indicated that clutter blasts our minds with excessive stimuli.  As a result, our senses work overtime on stimuli that are not necessary or important.  She also mentioned that clutter distracts us by drawing our attention away from what our focus should be.  Besides, it constantly signals to our brains that our work is never done.

As a result, our brain is switching focus from the task we intend to do to the clutter around us.  Every time we look at the mess, we start to have negative feelings.  For example, you can experience guilt or embarrassment.  Clutter causes anxiety and makes it more difficult to relax.

Benefits of getting organized at home

  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels.  
  • More time and space around the house.
  • Save money, because you will not buy things to replace what you cannot find or will not pay your bills late.
  • Be able to relax, focus on what is important, and be more creative.

How to get organized at home

One of my favorites continuous improvement tools is 5S.  5S is a five steps method for housekeeping and organization.  You can read how to organize your kitchen, closets, and garage in previous posts.  

Practicing 5S at home can be a fun way of getting organized.  When done in the workplace, 5S is a team activity.  The people that work in the area participate in the process and contribute with ideas.  You can do the same thing at home, with your spouse and kids.  


Clutter hinders creativity and productivity.  It increases your levels of stress and anxiety.  Not only that, looking at the mess around you will cortisol.  Elevated levels of cortisol cause depression.  Thus, practicing organization is a way to keep your mental health in check.

In addition, can help to control your weight.  While researching for this post, I came across the book Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight.  The author, Peter Walsh, build upon a study that showed that people with cluttered homes were 77% more likely to be overweight or obese.  He thinks the reason is that people can’t make their best choices in a cluttered, messy, disorganized home.

In conclusion, getting organized will help you and your family to be healthier, have more creativity and productivity, and enjoy each other.


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What are the benefits of getting organized?

What are the benefits of getting organized at work
Get organized at work, and relax!

The ultimate goal of every professional is to achieve a work-life balance. I am not an exception. When my career started to grow, I found myself with not enough time to do the things I like. After a while, I realized that organizing myself and my daily work was the only solution. But getting organized have more benefits.

Top 5 benefits of getting organized at work

The top five reasons to get organized are the following.

Improved productivity

Being organized will help you to focus on the important, not the clutter. Therefore it will be easier to focus on what you have ahead of you. As a result, you have more chances to achieve your daily goals. Organizing will also save you the time of looking for things. Also, you will cut distractions because you will not have to ask around where the report is.

Better time management

It is necessary to organize your tasks also. Two familiar tools are calendars and task lists. The efficient use of them will enable you to prioritize those tasks. Besides, set daily and weekly objectives based on the year goals, you want to accomplish. Prioritizing will make you more flexible because you will react better to any changes or unexpected situations.

Reduced stress

No clutter equals less stress. Consequently, your work environment will be pleasant. This type of environment improves morale and motivation. Achieving your goals give you a great sense of accomplishment.

Promotes improvements

A clean and organized work area pinpoints trouble areas, making it easier to identify future improvements.

Better work-life balance

If you do more in less time, you can use the extra time to create balance in your life. Less stress and a reduced sense of being overwhelmed will leave you with more energy at the end of the day. Now you can go to the gym, or take a walk!

Tools for getting organized

Besides calendars and agendas, in continuous improvement, we use the following tools. Use the links to learn about each.

  • 5S – 5S is the five steps program for housekeeping and workplace organization.
  • Visual management – Color coding, signage, and others are simple organizing solutions.
  • Kanban – Although it is known as a material inventory control tool, it can be used for information or document control. This post shows you some kanban examples.

Are you ready to getting organized?

Being organized have a lot of advantages. I listed a few reasons, but there are a lot more. Find your reason, and get organized today!